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What You Get


You’ll tell us about the pain points in your application’s infrastructure and your goals for the future. We’ll ask introductory questions to help us understand your situation. Then we’ll review your infrastructure and make specific recommendations on the first things to address.

We’ll be focused on your infrastructure, but sometimes we find that applications are harder to deploy than they have to be. We’ll also look for ways to make your application simpler to host.

We need a lot of technical details to make good recommendations. Over many projects, we’ve developed an 8 step process and a 250+ item checklist that help us find the right details and find them quickly. We will:

  1. Review your existing automation against our checklist.
  2. Review your running infrastructure against our checklist.
  3. Interview key engineers who’ve worked on the infrastructure.
  4. Interview key developers for the application being deployed.
  5. Re-review your automation with the context we’ve gained.
  6. Re-review your infrastructure with the context we’ve gained.
  7. Write a report.
  8. Review our report with you.

Independent review and examination before interviews ensures we have relevant questions to ask and gives us context to understand the answers we get. Using what we learned in our cold review and in the interviews, we do a final review and write our report. These steps take approximately 1 week to complete, depending on your application.

At this point we’ll have an initial direction, and we’ll know what else is needed to make a complete plan. It’ll be time to start delivering code.

Priority Work

We usually find that there are two categories of work. Work that can be done now and longer-term work that needs planning and design. Anything that can be done now, we want to do now so we clear as many barriers as possible as soon as possible.

Completing work early also helps give us the deeper technical details we need to address the longer-term tasks. We learn a lot during discovery, but there’s only so much we can do in a week. Writing code in your specific infrastructure provides a depth of knowledge that we can’t get any other way.

We’ll sort our recommendations from discovery by priority and value, then work independently to implement the top items. In parallel, we’ll work toward a complete plan for your infrastructure.

Planning and Long-Term Implementation

Using the knowledge we gained in discovery and while working hands-on, we’ll collaborate with you to create and execute a complete plan for your infrastructure.

We’ve seen a wide variety of directions come out of this step. Sometimes we’ll see your goals on the horizon and we’ll just keep iterating until we get there. Sometimes we’ll recommend a rebuild into a version 2.0. Sometimes we’ll recommend a switch to different deployment technologies, which will mean building a new system and migrating over to it.

You’ll be deeply involved in this step. To write a plan that will take your application into the future you’re targeting, we’ll need your feedback. Our goal is to meet your goals.

Your Next Step

Send us a few sentences about your application and the problems its infrastructure are facing and we’ll set up a time to review them with you.