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πŸ“– Not sure what you need, but not happy with what you have? We’ll review your infrastructure and make specific recommendations on what to fix and what to add.

We need a lot of technical details to do this. Over many projects, we’ve developed an 8 step process for finding that detail. We will:

  1. Read current code.
  2. Examine running infrastructure.
  3. Interview key staff who’ve worked on the infrastructure.
  4. Interview key developers for the application being deployed.
  5. Re-read current code.
  6. Re-examine running infrastructure.
  7. Write a report.
  8. Review our report with you.

Independent review and examination before interviews ensures we have relevant questions to ask and gives us context to understand the answers we get. Using what we learned in our cold review and in the interviews, we do a final review and write our report. These steps take approximately 1 week to complete, depending on your application.

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New Development

πŸ›  Don’t have an infrastructure or a pipeline to deploy it, but don’t have the staff on-hand to build them? We can do it for you.

This is a much more complex process than discovery. To manage that complexity, we break it into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Planning

  1. Review the parts of your application code related to deployment (like it’s config system).
  2. Interview key developers.
  3. Design a deployment pipeline.
  4. Estimate the work needed to develop it.

Phase 2: Iteration

  1. Review and refine our design with you.
  2. Build the pipeline.

During this phase we’ll work in a development environment specifically provisioned for pipeline and infrastructure work. We’ll keep you involved with regular reports and demos so we can make sure our builds are tightly coupled to your goals.

Phase 3: Hand-Off

  1. Write docs.
  2. Train your team to use the pipeline.
  3. Support your team while they use the pipeline to deploy their environments.
  4. Incrementally phase ourselves out.

Over many projects, we’ve found that teams have the best experiences if they deploy their own environments. The confidence that comes from having done the deployment themselves is essential to long term ownership.

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  • ❌ Don’t believe your pipeline when it says it “succeeded”? We can iterate on its implementation and increase your confidence that it actually does what it says it does.
  • 🐌 Often waiting for your pipeline to finish? We can help reduce its run time.
  • πŸ’΅ Feel like the bill for your infrastructure is bigger than it should be for your product’s size? We can help reduce it.

Our approach to improvements is practical. We want to do enough that you can stop thinking about infrastructure and focus on your product. We don’t want to do too much because then you’re paying for work you don’t need. It’s slow and impractical to identify up front exactly how much is enough, so we use an iterative process and regular check-ins. This lets us get started right away and makes it easy to stop as soon as you’ve reached a point where you’re happy. We will:

  1. Go through our discovery process.
  2. Use our findings to assign a value to problems based on their impact and the difficulty of addressing them.
  3. Iterate on problems in the order of their value until we’ve solved enough of them that you’re not thinking about infrastructure anymore.

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